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Our team has enjoyed conducting more than 100,000 treatments for our athletes and clients. We love what we do and we are passionate about seeing you happy and active. We excel in sports injuries, performance enhancement, mentoring and lecturing. Athlete, client, colleague or student, come join the family!

Sports Physiotherapy

We use a process called K-Theorem to help you. In the video above, Kusal Goonewardena, APA Titled Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist, talks about K-Theorem’s four pillars that go into solving a person’s pain and injuries. It has taken him over 22 years to put this together. He uses this comprehensive problem solving methodology to find the CAUSE of a person’s pain. Laid out in an easy to understand chart, the four pillars are composed of

The Performance Pyramid (understanding how your biomechanics are affected and which elements of your biomechanics are the weakest links in the chain ie. your nerves, muscles, joints or ligaments).
The Movement Matrix (Once your Performance Pyramid is in order then it should ‘work’ well over a 24 hour cycle.) Sleep, Work and Rest are assessed and analysed to see if this is slowing down your recovery time.
Nutrition (Nutrition is SO important for optimising recovery and to improve performance.) When you get nutrition right it creates a foundation for solid and lasting results. There is much research showing a connection between nutrition and your mental health.
The final pillar is the Mind (Kusal states that this is the most important pillar). Mental wellness and mental strength is acknowledged and monitored. To provide an example of how important the mind is to the equation; if you have stress in your life, you then, may not eat well (affecting Nutrition), you may not be able to sleep well (affecting the Movement Matrix), your muscles can tense up and tighten up (affecting the Performance Pyramid). So if the mind is not assessed it could lead to poor rehab results, poor performance and slow healing times.

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